A message from our minister...

Welcome to our website. I hope you find this information helpful.

Rev Noel McClean, First KilraughtsFirst Kilraughts has been described by some as “a city church out in the country”. The actual church building is not what one might expect to see in the North Antrim countryside and very different from the building it replaced in 1975. The congregation of approximately 180 families is made up of people of all ages and all professions.

A number of our families still are farmers; but more and more new people have joined over the years who are not connected with agriculture at all. We welcome all and believe that all people matter to God and thus they matter to us.

We aim to “know Jesus and to make Him known” and to that end we try to be warm and winsome in our approach and welcome all. We believe our church is a community church and thus the requirement to be outreaching and sensitive to others needs. We are conservative evangelical in theology and while open to new ideas and approaches we reflect a traditional approach to worship.

Should you drop in on a Sunday to come to join us – you will be made most welcome. Most Sundays we have visitors worshipping with us.

The congregation has the normal range of activities and these are detailed else where on this website. We believe that people should use their gifts and many hands are required in the running of organizations as well as those who attend to the business side of the congregation. Without talents laid so freely at the disposal of the congregation we could not be as effective as we are.

Much has been done and much more needs to be done. We rely on our God to give us the strength to be the kind of church that he wants us to be.

Some people have made contact in relation to seeking genealogical information. Please note that such inquiries are to be dealt with at the Public Records office in Balmoral Avenue, Belfast BT9. A decision was taken by the church committee to have our records microfilmed to facilitate those wishing this information without having members of the congregation to spend time dealing with requests.

Please feel free to browse and learn a little about this historic congregation.

Perhaps you will come along and pay us a visit, or contact us at: www.firstkilraughts.org.uk

Rev. Noel McClean, Minister