Sweet Adversity

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Sweet Adversity:

The Story of First Kilraughts Presbyterian Church 1971-2010

Author: S. Alex Blair
Date: 1 July 2010
Contents: 272 pages, with illustrations
Publisher: Impact Printing
ISBN: 978 1 906689 26 1

Sweet Adversity BookAlthough this book concentrates on the last forty years of the history of First Kilraughts Presbyterian Church in North Antrim, it offers its readers an amazing story.

Founded in 1660, the congregation's history has already been recorded up to 1971 in "Kilraughts: A Kirk and Its People". On 4th April 1971, an accidental fire destroyed First Kilraughts Church building and that event constituted a definitive moment for the congregration. The event was headline news across Northern Ireland and it left the members shocked and despondent. However, they decided to re-build and, as their new church took shape, with its modern design and beautiful stained glass, they saw despair turned into joy and desolation into beauty. For them the experience truly proved to be sweet adversity and this book tells the story of those traumatic but exciting years.

It is a detailed and fully-illustrated account of congregational life to 2010, told by a life-long member of the congregation and North Antrim's celebrated historian, S. Alex Blair. It is a book to inspire and challenge, and a most readable update of his previous volume "Kilraughts: A Kirk and Its People".

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